Is Your Blog An Effective or Defective List Builder ?

As a serious network marketer your number one goal is getting your business in front of people to increase your network marketing income. There are many ways to do this and each is successful in its own way. As you generate leads through your chosen method you are building your list- a list in which your end goal will be to present your business.

Is your blog an effective list builder?

One of the ways to generate leads is through the use of attraction marketing. The steps of attraction marketing are as follows:
Creating a Brand for Yourself
Sharing Useful and Knowledgeable Material
Building up a loyal and trusting following
Presenting your business opportunity

By having a blog you are in fact practicing the first three steps almost at the same time- if you are doing it correctly. Your writing style, theme, and presentation begin to create your brand- or your You, Inc. Your blog posts should be sharing useful and knowledgeable material that is assisting others in their learning and the longer your blog is in existence the more trust and loyalty you build with your readers.
But what about presenting your business opportunity?

This is where you really have to rely on the fact that the premise of attraction marketing works. Because most likely your blog is a defective list builder- for your network marketing business anyway.
With attraction marketing in the end the prospect approaches you directly for information on your business. This only happens if step one through three above are done correctly. Your information must be compelling, concise, and convey authority and a sense of  they want to join you, they want to be a part of your team, and they want to learn more of what you have to offer.
If not- you have missed the boat. Out of luck. Say goodbye. You will never have a chance to complete step four because your blog is not the place to pitch your business opportunity.
Now I am not talking about affiliate links or information products. I am talking about your main business opportunity. The product or service that is your main source of income. The company that you are affiliated with.

So how do you turn your blog into an effective list builder?

1) Have an inconspicuous link to your main business opportunity.

You really do not want to put anything about your business on your blog- unless of course it is a blog that is only about your business. You can put a link in the about me page. You can have a note in the footer saying something like, "if you would like to take a look at joining my team review this information and then contact me." Or you can have a link in the contact me section.

When people go to your business information if they like what they see they will make a choice to fill out the information for you to contact them.

But don't, don't, don't- I will say it again- don't pitch your business on your information blog. You will lose everything you have worked to gain. People are coming here to learn, to connect, and to discover- not to have a pitch pushed down their throat.

2) Create a newsletter and have a sign up page on your blog.

When you use a service such as Aweber for your newsletter, it will capture the information that you choose to put in your subscribe box. Most of the time when you have a newsletter form in a blog you only gather the email address. You save the phone number and other information for your lead capture page.

While you don't want your newsletter to be a in your face business promotion only, you are able to intermix a little more of your network marketing opportunity in your newsletter than you would in your blog. You can have an email broadcast when
something interesting happens in your business or even have a business section of your newsletter that is talks about a different aspect of your business in each publishing.

3) Use linking techniques to send people to a lead capture page.

When using links within your posts you can try different techniques in sending people to your specific lead capture page. One of the downsides to using direct affiliate links when trying to build a list is that if someone goes to the affiliate site to purchase or sign up for information you may get their email address but that does not give you the ability to add them to your list.

You can turn these links to your advantage though if your link is not to the affiliate directly but to a squeeze page that will then direct them to the information they are looking for. This puts them on your list while still leading them to the place they wanted to go.

The Bottom Line.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of taking caution in directly promoting your business on your blog. Even with the techniques listed above be sensitive to the reason people are reading your blog. Make your network marketing opportunity take a backseat to your information.

You definitely want to have an effective list building blog if you have a network marketing business but you want your attraction marketing principles and your knowledge of your subject to come first and foremost.

Do you have an effective or defective blog?

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