Is Making Money Online Just A Pipe Dream

We all dream of making money on the Internet and not ever having to punch a clock again. I have been trying so hard to accomplish that dream and sometimes just consider giving up. Everyone says just keep being consistent and it will happen. It takes time to get a website running and achieving the results you are looking for. I don’t know, but it is starting to seem like a pipe dream to me. I will keep trying, but we all at some point need some kind of motivational pick me up. Can you really make money online in such a saturated market.

You hear all the time about people becoming millionaires on the internet. What do they know that we don’t’ I guess that some people just have the knack for making money. They say that big money goes to big money.

I would never quit trying to work towards my goals because I have a family to support and I would really like to retire before I’m 65 years old. I think that is the goal for many of us. Some people just love going to work every day and putting in their 8 to 10 hours, unfortunately, I’m not one of them.

I keep thinking to myself that there has to be something better then working so hard every day. I guess that I shouldn’t complain because I know there are a lot of people that have it worst then me. I just feel that with the way the economy is and with the financial outlook of our Social Security system, that I need to do something more to secure my financial worth for my golden years.

I guess a lot of questions that we all have is; how do you manipulate Google in to sending lots of traffic to your website’ How do you set up an Ad words campaign that sends you qualified traffic with minimal investments’ What kind of content on your website will keep visitors reading it’ These are all questions that I hope to figure out some day.

I will keep plugging away at my website and hopefully in the near future it will harvest some results. I suggest to everyone out there reading this that you try to set up some kind of financial income stream other than your job. Who knows if your job will be there in the morning’ Companies are closing down all the time. 

There is one thing that I will keep doing to make some extra cash, and that is paid surveys.

That so far has been my best way to make money online. I haven’t been able to quit my fulltime job yet, but it is helping me to build up my saving accounts. I also believe that investing in mutual funds is a good idea right now, but don’t take it from me because I am not a stock guru. I feel that stocks have nowhere else to go but up. My 401K and mutual funds have been by far my best investments yet, other than my house. Also, doing paid surveys has been by far the fastest way to create another income stream. Whatever you decided to do, remember there is a lot of people that are riding the same waves. I wish everyone all the best that this world has to offer and when I figure out the answers to these questions, I’ll let you know.

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