Importance And Techniques Of On Page Optimization

SEO is divided into on page optimization and off page optimization. On page is which can be done to website itself and off page is which is done away from the website. Creation of right title for a web page is classified as on page optimization. On the other hand creation of inbound links and their anchor text is termed as off page optimization.

On page optimization is one of the forms of search engine optimization. This acts as the vital requirement which is necessary to improve website rankings in major search engines like Google, yahoo and msn. In this process the elements of website are designed in this way that website is able to qualify for high search engine ranking on the basis of certain specific keywords. These are the basics which are often ignored by webmaster. They try to spend most of their time getting links to their site. If you want to make a successful online web presence, on page optimization is must. In on page optimization you need to have keyword in title tag and should also appear few times on the page.

Your website is focused on a theme, service or product. You need to select a unique keyword for it and this is the keyword on the main index page. Rest is secondary keywords associated with the main keyword. So there should be separate pages for secondary and associating keywords.

Your web page title tag must contain the keyword. It should be that word which you are targeting on a specific page. Do not use irrelevant words or website name in your keywords.

Make two sitemaps for your website. One site map is for a visitor that is in html format and other is for search engine which is in xml form.

Put quality content in all the pages of website and interlink on those pages on the basis of keywords used in the content.

Put emphasis on the keyword density. Keyword need to be there related with the product, services or the theme of the web page. Only on the basis of these the users are able to search for it in the search engines. Make sure keyword should used for a selected number of times so that keyword stuffing does not occur. So recommended keyword density is 5%.

Ensure your target keywords are used in h1 tag and displayed as strong italic and bold text wherever required. Make a practice to use the keyword in your opening paragraph at least once or twice and near to the bottom of page.

Every page of the website must have two Meta tags in the head section and other for your web page description and other for your web page main and secondary keywords.

Do not build a website with many pages in a short time, the search engines see the steady growth of website with the content and the number of pages they search for. Focus on providing the visitors the relevant information which they require.

Every image on the website must have an associated alt tag that must describe the image and include the content part.

Put emphasis on the inbound links.

Thus on page optimization factors are the base for search engine optimization for a website and which can not be ignored.

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