Cheaper Premiums For Van Drivers This Year

"In spite of the credit crunch and gloomy predictions that ushered in the year, events are beginning to work in favour of some lucky ones, including van insurance customers, who like car drivers, have just been offered a cheaper deal by a leading UK insurer. This deal from Direct Line, of course, means they would pay less for more or simply put, get ‘a 12 months policy for the price of 10’.

The significance of the deal is that it is coming at a time everyone is working hard to cut their expenses amidst the global financial downturn. With hundreds of thousands of jobs are being axed by employers, working on one’s finances in order to survive the crisis is an essential tactic.

Helping drivers cut cost
Further helping van drivers to cut cost or avoid risk is the part of the deal that includes a vandalism promise assuring drivers that they could make a claim for damage arising from vandalism without losing their no claims discount or excess.

Another benefit they could enjoy is the guarantee that making a claim for an accident that is not one’s fault, even if the other driver is not insured, would not result in one forfeiting their no claims discount or excess.

However, while this is an impressive offer any driver would hope not miss to out on, the trouble is that it is only open to new customers and would end by the end of March 2009.

Comparing prices and deals
For existing drivers there are numerous other ways to cut cost and remain within the terms of their van or car insurance policy. Of course the commonly prescribed means is a dedicated use of price comparison sites to find out the best, the cheapest or, perhaps, the most suitable deals available.

Motorist could help cut their insurance cost by being very careful road users and making sure even in the event of accident they are, at least, not at fault. This could help them make sure they retain their no claims discount, especially if they avoid making claims on their insurance.

Motoring offences also help hike premiums for drivers and the best way to get round this is to ensure they have no convictions. But avoiding convictions is almost certainly a herculean task in age that using mobile phones while driving is increasingly in vogue. Other ways to incur the wrath of the law and earn oneself penalty points abound, depending on who ‘ in terms of age or gender ‘ we are talking about. Without being misunderstood, the age-long belief among insurers is that older (mature) or female drivers are better road users than younger or male drivers.

Avoiding add-ons could also help drivers save a lot of money on insurance premiums. This is because the more add-ons or extra features you have on your vehicle the more attractive it is to vandals or burglars and this keeps your premiums higher.

Just like being a careful motorist while on the road, carefully selecting where you park helps with enhancing the security of you van. It is, as such, very important to park in a locked or fully secured environment to qualify you for a security discount.

Finally, talking to an insurance professional or adviser before signing up is vital. Although there are reports that sales staff, sometimes, mislead customers, making proper enquiries would be quite helpful."

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